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Electrocardiogram Courses

Transform your ECG and Resuscitation knowledge with the one day Cardiac & Resuscitation Bootcamp Course!

If you have ever said:
- I want to feel more confident about resuscitating patients
*Adult and Paediatric Resuscitation

- I need to get more confident in reading ECGs
*When you no longer want to feel like you don't know

- I'm not sure how to deal with this arrhythmia
*What if you knew immediately what the solution was?

- I'm not sure if this is ischaemia
*What if you knew how to pick all the subtle changes on an ECG?

- I think I know what drugs to use, but I'm just not sure
*Then find out what works; clear and simple.


Transform your knowledge in just one day!

• Know how to read ECGs
• Have a simple approach to Arrhythmias
• Get the skills to manage the crashing patient
• Know how to manage cardiac emergencies
• Learn about the important paediatric cardiac conditions
• Have a definite approach to the patient with chest pain
• Have an approach to the patient with syncope
• Become the expert at managing acute Atrial Fibrillation

Seats are limited for the Cardiac & Resuscitation Bootcamp Course – make sure you DON’T MISS this vital component of expanding your ECG knowledge.

ECG Educational Videos

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