Electrocardiogram Quizzes

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Electrocardiogram Quizzes

Try The Quiz Blocks* To Solidify Your Knowledge

The ECG in 20 seconds method teaches you, a simple technique for approaching any ECG. Try the quizzes in this section. Each quiz has a set of ECG’s that increase in difficulty. Once you attempt the question, you will be guided through the ECG method and shown how to use it, to make the diagnosis.

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Quiz 1

When you’ve finished learning the system, jump right in and do Quiz I. It will help in cementing that knowledge.

Quiz 2

Quiz II takes you deeper into the ECG, including some of the subtle changes of ischaemia and the Mobitz Blocks.

Quiz 3

Quiz III completes the testing with some of the more specialised aspects of the ECGs (including specialised syndromes).

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